Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Grasscloth Mat + Succulent Prints + Walls Republic

Today, I'm sharing a super simple DIY project that anyone can do! I recently completed a project with grasscloth wallpaper (coming soon!) and I had some left over. So, I decided to use it as a background in a frame.

With vintage frames, often the sizing is off for traditional photo sizes, so using wallpaper is a great solution to fill the white space and add a little texture!

A month or so ago I found a pair of vintage frames at a thrift shop. It's very rare to find a pair of semi large frames, so I scooped them up! Just in time too, a women was making her way around, grabbing ALL the frames. She was eyeing mine at check out.. I think mine were $6 each, so a pretty good price!  I just spray painted the mat white and the frame gold. I broke one of the pieces of glass when removing it, so I photographed them without glass, but I'll get another cut to fit.

The grasscloth wallpaper is from Walls Republic, you can find it here. It's nice and thick, has a slightly yellow, creamy tone with darker natural bands. I love the variety of stripes!

Make sure to order samples (up to five free!) prior to ordering, since they can look different on your computer than in person.

I found this spider cactus (I'm not sure what the actual name is) at Home Depot!

For the prints, I purchased a few succulents and photographed them over the summer. Since then, they've all died :( But, at least I have these photos!! I'll be adding these prints to my Etsy shop soon, so watch for that!

p.s. This is a little peek of our dresser that I finished a few months ago .. I still haven't found a solution for the two handles that are missing, so I put it on the back burner for a little!

Thanks so much to Walls Republic for providing the wallpaper. As always, all opinions are 100% my own!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

So I Married a Creative | 20 Questions

Today, I'm David's happy to participate in 20 questions- So I Married a Creative, hosted by Primitive and Proper and Bliss Ranch! David gets his chance to tell all about me and my creative process! 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Five | 02.20.15

Happy Friday! Here's a few of my recent favorites!

I was recently introduced to One Life and their handwoven Burmese pillows. I was instantly struck by the colorful woven pattern and the cause - proceeds from sales go towards bringing clean water in Myanmar. 

The colors are vibrant and the quality is super good! 

For more information on One Life and their pillows, visit their site here

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Nailhead Metallic Linen Headboard | Tutorial

Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my post yesterday! Your support means so so much!

Today, I'm sharing our most recent headboard - a nailhead and metallic linen square headboard.

Nailhead can seem intimidating, but since working on several projects with nailhead (including this massive nailhead feature wall) we've found a few tips that make it go faster! 

Here's how we did it!

First, we used (for a queen bed)

Plywood (1/2" cut to 60" x 36")
2x2s for the frame (qty 4)
Metallic linen look table cloth (found at Marshalls) (I think it was around 76" x100", if you're buying yards, you need about 2)
Nailhead (UPS is the only shipping option listed online at DIY Upholstery, if you call, you can get USPS shipping which is about half the cost)
Cardboard upholstery strip
Upholstery stapler

First, we simply framed the back with 2x2s by creating a box on the outside of the backside of the plywood (legs extend from the top of the plywood to the floor. The total height of our headboard was 55"

We secured the plywood to the 2x2s by screwing from the top.

Since our fabric was semi transparent, we primed the plywood so you couldn't see any knots through the fabric.

We ironed and cut the fabric to size - enough so it could wrap around the sides.

Outside, we applied spray adhesive to the front of the plywood. Make sure to cover up anything that you don't want the adhesive on since it gets everywhere!

Then, we centered the fabric and applied it to the plywood, smoothing it. We lifted the fabric up and re smoothed as we went. Having two people for this step really helped!

You could just staple the fabric on the back, but for a more finished look we used a cardboard upholstery strip and an extra strip of fabric, stapled along the edge and then folded it over and stapled on the back.

Next, the pattern. We did a couple of versions and then landed on this fretwork inspired design. You can download our design HERE (it's a 10 page PDF, 1st page is the entire design, remaining 9 pages are the design, arranged top to bottom, left to right) Carefully tape them together. 

First, we poked holes through the center of each circle (we use an awl - used to mark metal) off of the headboard. Next, we centered and leveled the pattern - we took a lot of time ensuring it was even so the pattern would stay consistent. Then, we taped it to the headboard and marked each hole with a pen.

So here's the trick to make the nailhead super easy and fast. With a small drill bit (compare to the end of the nailhead and test on scrap wood first - you want the nailhead to sit in the hole, but it should be snug) Drill each previously marked hole a small amount - you want the nailhead to go in about half way. Again testing on a piece of scrap would is recommended till you get the hang of how deep to go.

It's an extra step, but trust me, it makes applying the nailhead SO much faster! Not shown in the image, but we covered the tip of the hammer with leather (for durability) and then painters tape to secure the leather in place - this protects the smooth surface of the nailhead. We replaced the leather and painters tape combo a few times throughout. They also make hammers specifically for applying nailhead, but this was a great substitute since we didn't have one.

We like to insert a few at a time (spaced at least one apart - otherwise they are too close and go in properly) and hammered a few at a time. This is so much easier than picking up hammer up and down every time you insert a nailhead.

I made a quick video to show how fast it is!

Note: A few of the nails went in crooked, so we used those to go in sideways in the few spots where the screws were underneath the placement of the nailhead on the edge of the plywood.

Depending how the light hits it - the fabric shows a subtle metallic glow.

I'm obsessed with the pattern!

The lumbar pillow is a hair on hide from Marshalls (Tahari) I love the cut out and subtle natural ombre. 

So if you've been wanting to tackle a nailhead project, don't be scared! It really is easier than it looks - dare I say, kinda fun!? 

Coral shams Crane & Canopy // Stripe pillows Nate Berkus // lumbar pillow is from Marshalls // Duvet is Marimekko for Crate and Barrel a few years ago // Print is from Artfully WallsTwos Company urchin found at the thrift store!! // lamps are from Ross. 

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